Our Story

The Company

‘Alchemy Xtracts is an amalgamation of a production and service sector company, dealing in fresh and healthy food products. Your company believes in the fact that fresh food can never be packed and kept in shelves and hence we adopt the motto ‘Globally Local’.’

Alchemy Xtracts is born out of the passion, creativeness and awareness of a group of five young millennials who visualize to be part of a healthy generation. Our vision is to create a society, where people follow a healthy lifestyle rather than reacting to a forced change. In a society where the consumers are moving towards a world of ‘time poverty’, we believe that producing good products is not enough. The business needs to connect with consumer. The business need to reach the consumer. Combining these ideas, we have come with the company Alchemy Xtracts, your healthy food partner. Our products are packed with health benefits and we make sure that all our bottles become magic potions for your health.

You wish, and we will reach you. We make sure that every bottle seal you break seals a strong bond of trust and happiness. Every bottle seal you open guarantees a smile on your face. We don’t introduce products just for the sake of business. We have always believed in a two-way process. We give the best every time. We as a team has put our heart, soul and time in our products, Pure and Potion. Open our bottles and be part of the AX generation.

Our Mission

We at Alchemy Xtracts, believe that, food is more than just a means to curb hunger. It need not be the tastiest of the recipes you have come across, but it needs to be the healthiest one. Our mission is to connect with our customers in a way, such that our products benefit them as much as we benefit from what they pay.

Our Vision

We started this venture with an aim to provide healthy food for all. Providing food is not what we aim at. We work day and night to find the best combination of foods which will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a business, this is what drives us in each decision we make. Our vision is to create a sustainable food chain for future generations.

Come and join us in the revolution towards a healthy generation