Frequently Asked Questions

How do we work ?

Alchemy Xtracts is a fresh cold pressed juice and smoothie delivery service which reaches directly to the customer. We take care of juicing your diets and all you have to do is to consume and enjoy.

We offer 2- plans options with no commitments or fees.

Deliver to Order

You can choose from our unique recipes of juices and smoothies created by our chef and approved by our nutritionist

Subscription Plans
In our subscription plans you can choose from our range of recipes and the desired duration of the plan. The plan makes sure that you never miss your nutrition and daily diet.

What are the accepted payment modes?

We accept online payments, Cash-on-Delivery and mobile wallet payments like Paytm.

Do you accept cash on delivery (COD)?

Yes we do. We get in touch with the customer few hours before delivery to make sure of your presence at the requested location.

How long will it take for the delivery?

The order will take a maximum of 45 mins to reach you. We are about our customers but never compromise on the safety of our employees to meet delivery timelines.

When can we place the order?

We are working from 7.00 am to 8.00 am on all days of the week. But customer can place the order anytime of the day. We shall follow up with the customer once the order is placed.

Do you accept bulk order?

Yes, we accept bulk orders for various kinds of functions. The bulk ordering can be done through telephone or by arranging a face to face meeting with one of our sales executive.

Is your service available only in Cochin or other parts of Kerala too?

Our day to day business and subscription plans are currently available in Cochin. We accept bulk orders from all over Kerala.

What is the shelf-life of your products?

Our product is not a shelf product. We produce and deliver fresh juices which has to be consumed within maximum 12 hours from the time of juicing it. After opening the bottle, the product should be consumed as soon as possible.

Is Alchemy Xtracts a certified organization?

Alchemy Xtracts is a FSSAI registered brand and is fully healthy and safe.

Do you use sweeteners in the drink? Is it advisable for diabetic patients?

We don’t use any kind of sweeteners in our products currently and hence our products are not the sweetest in the market. We compromise our taste for the health benefits of the customers. But, we are researching for products which can give taste to your drink without compromising on health. It is completely advisable to diabetic patients.

Do you offer drinks in different quantities?

We provide our products in only one SKU, the 300 mL bottled packs. This is done keeping in line with the advice of our nutritionist who has calculated the quantity of one-time intake for maximum benefits.

Where do you prepare your juices?

We prepare our juices at our in-house kitchen facility, known as the ‘Alchemy Station’. The supply chain and operations within our production facility are designed to minimize wastage and maintain high hygiene and cleanliness.

Are you using purely organic fruits and veggies in the drinks?

We are currently not purely organic. But, we make sure that we procure produce of highest quality so as give our customers the best experience.

Do you seek advice from specialist regarding the ingredients of each drink?

All our recipes are approved by our nutritionist Rejitha Jagesh, MSc DFSM, who is the Chief Dietician at Providence Endocrine & Diabetes Specialty Center. Trivandrum.

Do you provide nutritional and calorie information?

It's very important to us to give our customers as much information as possible about our recipes, so we provide comprehensive nutritional and calorie labels to help you make informed decisions about your orders. These labels include helpful nutrition information as well as a list of nutrients and daily values.