Cold Pressed Technology

Cold pressed technology is the new hit in juicing technology. The major difference between cold press technology and the normal centrifugal juicing is the amount of nutrients, minerals, enzymes and vitamins that are retained in the cold pressed juices when compared to the later one.
Juicing if done in the right way is the best source all the necessary nutrients and other vitals for the human body.

So What Is The Magic Here ?

No Crushing

In cold pressed juicers the fruits and vegetables are pressed as if it is pressed by hand. This eliminates heat which destroys the vitamins and other nutrients from the juice. Thus it’s the healthiest form of diet one can have.

No Oxidation

The machine prevents oxidation which is another means by which the nutrients are destroyed. Since oxidation is not preferred we recommend immediate consumption of the juice once the bottle is opened.

Pulpy and Delicious Juices

In cold pressing, the pulp of the fruits and vegetables is what we obtain as output. There is no need of diluting with water to get the volume and we don’t believe in dilution. Cold pressed juices are rich sources of fibre which is also very essential for the body.

Fresh and Delicious

The juice is as fresh as the produce we use, and we make sure that it is. You can feel the difference in taste, thickness and freshness from the first drop you consume.

Come and join us in the revolution towards a healthy generation